Francisco de Souza Travel Photography



Founder, photographer & guide
Born and raised in a small community in the beautiful African landscape of Zimbabwe, it was easy for me to engage with photography and people from an early age. From the age of eleven, armed with my Dad's Minolta camera, I explored my community, making local friends, and capturing photographs of my Shona tribal neighbours. It was this humanitarian grounding in photography that gave me my life-long passion for capturing people and their stories on film. In the intervening years, displaced from my Zimbabwean home, I have actively travelled through and lived in many developing countries in Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and South East Asia. Since 2014 I’ve been living permanently in exotic Goa, in a small village on the west coast of India.

About Photography Tours with Francisco de Souza

To help others uncover the diverse and enriching photography opportunities which India has to offer I’ve created a unique series of travel photography tours which are popular with photography and culture enthusiasts from all over the world.

These in-depth tours are designed to teach practical travel photography and camera skills, while showing the highlights of local Indian life from an insider’s perspective. I get a lot of satisfaction from encouraging visitors to see India and her people in a deeper and more authentic way, and to help them go home with great photographs to prove it.  

Much more than just photography tours, these cultural experiences provide unique insights into India and her people, in places which many visitors would not discover on their own. All of the locations in the itineraries are engaging and interesting in their own right, so non-photographers and partners are encouraged to join a tour and soak up the cultural experience. You don't need a fancy camera to join a photography tour, smartphones can also capture amazing photographs if you know the tricks and learn the right approach.

I look forward to exploring this fascinating part of the world with you!