These exclusive private walking tours are designed to teach practical photography skills while showing you the highlights of authentic Goa. The tours are led by award-winning photographer, Francisco de Souza. Originally from Zimbabwe, but now residing in Goa for the last 5 years, Francisco has been running tours through India since 2012. You can read more about Francisco here.

Throughout the tours Francisco will work alongside you to help you understand particular technical challenges, provide artistic inspiration and most importantly, lead by example in the best ways of approaching local people. Francisco teaches simple to implement tips to truly enhance your photography skills and really boost your confidence when taking photographs of people and places.

Much more than just photography tours – these cultural experiences provide a unique insight into Goa from an insider’s perspective. All of the sites you visit are engaging and interesting in their own right, so non-photographers can also enjoy the experience. You don't need a fancy camera to join a walking tour, smartphones can also capture amazing photographs if you know the tricks and learn the right approach.